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Making Moves 2024/25

Making Moves

Show Us Your Moves!

Making Moves is a new choreography and performance project for schools and youth groups across England, run by Sadler’s Wells and supported by Barclays. Connecting young people with the ideas of some of the world’s most exciting choreographers, Making Moves aims to raise the profile of dance being created in school and youth settings, and offers a chance to perform on one of Sadler’s Wells stages.

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How does it work?

Making Moves is a new choreography and performance project for schools and youth groups across England, run by Sadler’s Wells and supported by Barclays. Each year 48 school and youth dance groups will be selected to take part in the project, for participants aged 11 – 18 (up to 24 years for d/Deaf or disabled young dancers).

Running across the academic year starting in September 2024, Making Moves provides participating groups with digital choreographic toolkits created by four professional dance artists connected with Sadler’s Wells. The toolkits are designed to inspire ideas for generating movement and contain a wealth of supporting resources.

This year the toolkits will be created by four choreographers including Seeta Patel, Jules Cunningham, Ben Duke and Kloé Dean. Find out more.

The project will begin with a training weekend at Sadler’s Wells for group leaders, including masterclasses led by the choreographers. Group leaders will then draw from the toolkits and work with their young dancers to create a new dance work, which will be performed at their school or youth group setting. Footage from these local platforms will be sent to the choreographers who will provide ideas for further development. Following this, groups will perform at a regional platform in Spring 2025. Sadler’s Wells staff and a guest dance professional will attend the regional performances and feedback will be shared to all participating groups.

Following the regional performances, eight groups will be invited to perform on Sadler’s Wells stage in July 2025, to a public audience and the choreographer’s of the toolkits.

20 May 2024 Applications open for Making Moves 24/25
24 June 2024 Deadline for groups to apply
15 July 2024 48 groups from across England selected
2 September 2024 Groups paired with their toolkits
13 & 14 September 2024 Choreographers Weekend – an inspirational and professional development weekend for group leaders at Sadler’s Wells
September – December 2024 Groups working with their toolkits in their home setting.
13 December 2024 Footage of local performance to be submitted to Making Moves
February – April 2025 Regional performances at national partner venues
Late July 2025 (exact date TBC Performances by selected groups on a Sadler’s Wells stage
Toolkits & The Choreographers Weekend

The choreographic toolkits are designed for everyone to use whether you have lots of experience of choreographing or very little. The toolkits will provide you with footage of warm-ups, movement ideas and creative tasks as well as supporting resources, including music suggestions. You will also gain an insight into how a choreographer faces the challenge of creating new work and what environment and mindset they need for their creativity to flourish.

The Choreographers Weekend provides an opportunity to meet and work directly with the choreographer of your toolkit. As part of the weekend, they will guide you through the toolkit and will design the session to be accessible to all, including those with no previous dance experience.

Creation period

The creation process will begin after the Choreographers Weekend. During that period, you will have access to support from the Making Moves team as well as be connected to other participating groups in your region. By the end of the creation period, the goal is to have made an original piece of choreography that is between 4-8 minutes long.

Local, regional and national performances
Local/home venue

Each group will perform in a local or home venue to an audience. This can be made up of family, friends, staff and maybe other groups. Footage from this performance will be sent to the choreographer of your toolkit who will provide feedback on the piece before your regional performance.


Sadler’s Wells will organise the regional platforms. These regional platforms will take place at various venues around the country in Spring 2025, from February-April. You will be informed of the venue and the date as soon as possible.

At the regional platform, there will be an opportunity to share your work with other groups from your local region. It will be an exciting day of masterclasses and talks followed by the performance. A panel of judges from the Making Moves team will attend the platforms in order to shortlist a selection of groups to represent the project at the National Platform.


From these regional platforms, eight groups will be selected to perform on a Sadler’s Wells stage to a public audience in late July 2025. This date will be confirmed as soon as possible.


The cost for groups to participate in Making Moves is £300 (+VAT), which can be paid across 2 instalments. Bursaries are available to support groups facing financial barriers to participation.

For more information about financial support, please e-mail the Making Moves team:

How to apply

Applications for 2024/2025 are now open, and will close on 24 June 2024. Please note: if we receive more than 300 submissions, we may close applications earlier than this date.

If you require further information, please contact the Making Moves team:


Jules Cunningham

Jules Cunningham

Jules Cunningham (they/them) is from Liverpool and has worked professionally as a dancer for over twenty years, presenting work in the UK and internationally, alongside choreographic research and extensive teaching.

Read more

Ben Duke

Ben Duke

Ben is Artistic Director and co-founder of Lost Dog. He trained at Guildford School of Acting, London Contemporary Dance School and has a degree in English Literature from Newcastle University. His work is an attempt to reconcile those three subjects.
Read more

A portrait shot of Seeta Patel

Seeta Patel

The award-winning choreographer and dancer Seeta Patel was born in London and began her training under the guidance of Kiran Ratna in 1990. Over a career spanning two decades, she has transformed the face of the South Asian dance community in the UK.

Read more

Kloe Dean

Kloé Dean

Choreographer Kloé Dean specialises in hip hop, funk and street dance styles, with a breadth of experience spanning close to 20 years she creates work for theatre, TV, film, music, fashion, corporate, community and education.

Read more

Supported by Barclays

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Terms and Conditions
  • You must have one Company Contact through which all communication will be sent

  • It is mandatory for one group leader from each group to attend the Choreographers Weekend on 13 & 14 September, 2024 at Sadler’s Wells Theatre. It is the responsibility of each group to pay for travel and accommodation to attend the Choreographers Weekend. Bursaries are available to groups that would benefit from financial support

  • The toolkits will be available to access from September and are to be used by your group only. Toolkits may not be passed on to any other person or organisation

  • While the Making Moves team will consider the choreographer preference listed on your application form, by confirming your place on the project you confirm you understand you may be paired with any of the four choreographers on the project

  • Each group is responsible for their costs incurred during the creation period and involvement in performances at the local, regional and national level. Bursaries are available to groups that would benefit from financial support

  • Each group cannot exceed the maximum of 20 dancers

  • Dancers in your group must be between 11 – 18 years old (or up to 24 for D/deaf and Disabled dancers)

  • If you are a group that is external to a school (e.g. a youth dance company) you may be required to obtain individual child licences or be included in a Body of Persons Approval (BOPA) licence. In this case, you will be responsible for ensuring the timely collection of all the necessary paperwork. This may include the group obtaining chaperone licences for the staff attending the platforms.

  • The safety of participants is important to us. We aim to make sure all our activities are safe and considerate, especially those involving children and vulnerable adults. We expect all participating groups to take health and safety seriously and have their own safeguarding policy in place, as well as adhere to the Sadler’s Wells Safeguarding Policy. Please find Sadler’s Wells safety policies here.

  • Sadler’s Wells is committed to being transparent about how we use your data. We will gather and process your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Supported by Barclays

Supported by Barclays


About Making Moves

What makes Making Moves unique?

Making Moves is a new project that lifts the lid off choreography, looking into the minds and practice of some of the most exciting choreographers working today. This project explores the craft of making dance and aims to give dedicated time and space to explore a creative process that encourages the development of unique artistic voices. Also, Making Moves values and connects with teachers and group leaders providing them with resources and support to share with their young people as they nurture their creativity.

Is it a competition?

This is an opportunity for all participating groups to celebrate trying something new and developing their creative practice. As part of this, 8 groups a year will be selected from the regional platform to represent the project by performing on a Sadler’s Wells stage at the National Platform.

Other than the fee, what other costs are involved?

Costs can vary for each group dependent on location, but can include accommodation, rehearsal and production costs, travel, studio hire and music rights. If you would like to talk to us about this, or would like to apply for a bursary to offset certain costs due to financial barriers, please contact the Making Moves team:

Group Eligibility

How many dancers can be in each piece?

Please note that the maximum number of dancers per piece is set at 20. If you have an exceptional circumstance and would like to discuss this with the Making Moves team, please contact:

How much experience do I need as a dance teacher / leader to take part in the project?

You don’t need to have any previous experience to take part. The toolkits are designed so that they are accessible for all groups. During the Choreographers Weekend you will have the opportunity to learn some of the material from the toolkit as well as explore the creative ideas suggested within it. The key to these toolkits is for us to hear your voice within them! How you choose to make movement based on these toolkits is a product of your environment and experiences, and this is what we are interested in.

Can international companies take part?

No, this is a project for groups residing in England.

Application Support

Can I enter two or more groups?

Please make one entry per school/group. If you have an exceptional circumstance and would like to discuss this with the Making Moves team, please contact:

Selection Process

How are groups selected?

The Making Moves team will select 48 groups that are as even as possible a representation of those that applied. We are aiming for a spread of ages (the 11-14 age range, as well as the 14-24 age range), a mix of performance and choreography experience, a representation of disability, different dance styles, backgrounds and historically underrepresented voices, and a balance of type of group and geography. Equally so, we want to ensure that all selected groups are committed to the programme and have expressed a genuine interest in taking part.

What happens if I’m not accepted on to Making Moves?

We will be in touch about the outcome of your application by 15 July, 2024. If you were unsuccessful, your group will automatically be placed onto a waiting list should any companies withdraw from the process before the Choreographers Weekend. We would aim to inform you of any changes as soon as possible so your group has time to prepare.

I applied for Making Moves 23/24 but was not successful. Should I apply again?

Yes, we would be happy to receive an application from your group again.

I took part in Making Moves 23/24. Can I apply to take part again?

Yes, you can apply again. Please note, in the first instance, priority for places will go to groups who haven’t yet taken part. If you are applying from the same school / youth group, but with a completely different set of dancers, please let us know this information in your application form so we can take this into consideration.

Disability Support

What support is there for d/Deaf or disabled dancers / dance leaders?

We are committed to being open and inclusive. The toolkits are designed to be as accessible as possible. If on receiving your toolkit you would like further support, please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss ways in which we can help. Equally so, the dance platforms – local, regional, national – are open to everyone. If there’s are way that we can support an individual to participate, we’d like to know about it so we can prioritise removing barriers and ensuring a welcoming environment. Please connect with the team:

Creating Choreography

Do we have to have previous training in the choreographer’s style of dancing in order to use the toolkit?

No. The toolkits are created for any groups with any dance style to be able to use them. As part of the Choreographers Weekend there will be an opportunity to meet and work directly with the choreographer of your toolkit and they will design the session to be accessible to all including those with no previous dance experience.

Will there be support for teachers and group leaders throughout the process?

Yes, there will be touch points with the Making Moves team and teachers/group leaders throughout the creation period. All group leaders are welcome to contact the Making Moves team at any point during the year, by phone or email, should they have any queries or require individual support.

What kind of feedback can we expect on the choreography we create?

Written feedback will be provided by the choreographer of your toolkit following the performance at your local/home venue. This is aimed to highlight your group’s strengths and achievements in a positive and constructive way, and give ideas and suggestions for how to further develop your group’s choreography and performance skills. Following the regional platform, we will be in touch with further information about whether your group has been selected to perform at the National Platform.

Teachers / Education

Can my students use Making Moves as part of a course they’re studying?

Yes. The toolkit can be used within the BTEC curriculum, Arts Award and can also support learning within the choreography and performance components for GCSE and A level Dance. Making Moves is not connected to the exam boards or Arts Award and performances for Making Moves would still need to fit within the timeframe given.