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Alfonso Losa & Patricia Guerrero Alter Ego

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Three performers are sitting and are clapping, two are dancing at the front. They have their hands above their heads. The female wears a lilac frilly dress.

A new alter ego is formed when two flamenco masters discover each other through dance.

Developed from a series of improvisations in the studio, virtuoso performers Patricia Guerrero and Alfonso Losa throw away the rule book to explore personal connection.

Guerrero draws geometric figures with her dance. She dismantles her movements and recreates them anew. Losa develops new schemes without breaking the mould, builds without deconstructing, and stays true to his roots.

Alter Ego is flamenco stripped bare. It is pure passion, visceral movement and unfettered exploration.

Part of Flamenco Festival

Header image © Pablo Lorente

Image description: Five people on a black stage with a black backdrop. Three are sitting on chairs, two facing the camera and one with their back turned. They are clapping. The two performers at the front of the image are dancing. The male figure wears a grey suit and has his arms above his head in a strong pose. The female figure is wearing a lilac dress with lots of frills. She is facing away from the camera, has her arms above her head and is doing a backbend so we can see part of her face.

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Young, bold, and beautiful, Guerrero is the kind of flamenco artist who can honor the past while appearing of the present
THE NEW YORKER on Patricia Guerrero

Her dance style is entirely nonconformist, yet her technique is pristine.

His dance was ablaze with rapid, vivacious sequences as his zapateado rang out from the stage
SEEING DANCE on Alfonso Losa
Losa punctuates his power, speed and precision with movements of balletic elegance

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