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Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan Lunar Halo

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Eight grey hands emerge from the stage. A performer reaches right but it is as if they are being pulled to the left.

Cloud Gate takes you to a whole other realm.

Cloud Gate Artistic Director CHENG Tsung-lung first observed a lunar halo – a sparkling ring around the moon – in the sky over Iceland. The phenomenon is said to predict an impending storm and, on a deeper level, forebodes a time of considerable change.

Working with the Icelandic band Sigur Rós, CHENG now explores the changes that are shaping our world today, particularly our increasing reliance on communicating through new technology.

Performing to a hauntingly ethereal soundtrack, the dancers interact with each other — in pairs, groups, or as an ensemble — as well as with multiple large LED panels that are filled with fluidly moving shapes, colours, and images so that their sheer physicality highlights one of the essential questions of our age: if we can satisfy our needs and desires with just a few taps of a screen, what is the purpose of the human body?

A riveting lunar experience. It is, quite simply, terrific, good enough to warrant repeated viewings.

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Main Supporter for the London premiere of Lunar Halo: Bagri Foundation


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Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, R.O.C. (Taiwan)
Header image © CHANG Chen-chou

Image description: A black background and a black stage. Out of the stage floor are eight grey hands, evenly spaced along the back. The hands are shown from the wrist up and are relaxed with fingers pointing upwards. There one performer. They are wearing a beige dress and are reaching towards the right with their arms and a leg, but it is as if they are being pulled to the left by their body. Two of the same style hands are on the backdrop above her.

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Did you know?

A lunar halo is an optical illusion that causes a bright ring to circle the moon in the night sky. This striking ring around the moon is caused by the refraction of moonlight from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.

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This event has passed.