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Eva Yerbabuena Yerbagüena (Bright Dark)

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A black and white image featuring a solo performer in a long black leather dress. Some paint splashes make it look like they are splashing through water with their arms.

Feel the intensity and passion of Eva Yerbabuena’s 20-year career.

I have always maintained it’s not important that people should understand; for me it’s enough that people should feel.
Eva Yerbabuena

In Yerbagüena, Eva Yerbabuena takes to the stage to reflect on her 20-year career, with her musical director, guitarist and husband, Paco Jarana, as well as two singers and two percussionists.

Her career has included an invitation from Pina Bausch to perform at the Tanztheater Wuppertal 25th anniversary festival, choreographing Mi Niña Manuela for the Ballet Nacional de España, and worked with film director Mike Figgis, for the documentary Flamenco Women. She has previously collaborated with Manolete, Merche Esmeralda, Javier Latorre, Joaquín Cortés, and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Yerbabuena is known for exploring the tension between traditional and nuevo flamenco, and most famously for her interpretations of the soleá – the dance of solitude.

Part of Flamenco Festival

Header image © Marcos G Punto

Image description: This is a black and white image featuring a solo performer. They are wearing a long black, shiny dress which looks like it might be made from leather or PVC. The dress has a train that sits along the floor. The performer is holding a strong pose, standing side on with their arms flung backwards. Some paint has been used to magnify this movement as though they are actually moving through water.

Nearest tube is
A modern simplicity that reaches to the heart of flamenco and makes it burn.
A terrific flamenco performer, her form and footwork both precise and nuanced.
She exposes a beauty in flamenco I doubt any had believed could exist.
Did you know:
“Yerbabuena” translates to “mint” and was a nickname given to the artist by friend and flamenco guitarist, Francisco Manuel Díaz.

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This event has passed.