The Peacock
6 - 20 May

Circus, street and theatre mix where glamour and sleaze rub shoulders in this diverse trip around the streets of Soho.

Northern Ballet
Sadler's Wells
9 - 13 May

Prepare to be led into temptation as the notorious lover Casanova is unmasked in this full length ballet.

Northern Ballet
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Sadler's Wells
12 May

The familiar fairy-tale is retold for little ones, with live ballet, music and theatre in this child friendly production.

Project O
Lilian Baylis Studio
12 May

Tapping into the healing power of dance in an eight-hour durational work by the thought provoking duo Project O.

Ghost Dances and other works
Sadler's Wells
16 - 20 May

Christopher Bruce's masterpiece returns after 14 years as part of a latin-flavoured mixed bill.